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        Welcome to visit Shenzhen Shunpeng Electronics Co., Ltd..
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        • According to foreign media reports, venture capital firms in recent weeks has been in the forefront of moral criticism. Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, the company won the Ellen Pao sex discrimination case in, but the testimony in the trial is made of a woman is not particularly popular with top vc impression. Also often exist in the society women entrepreneurial success must sell hue malicious remarks
        • Some famous news application of North America are learnt from the experiences of WeChat recently. Kik, Tango, Snapchat and Facebook Messenger began to become more like WeChat
        • Recently, the domestic first grasps "Internet + + incubator" of university's scientific research ideas of the raised platform of collaborative works (www.xtworks.com) officially launched, its production, and the perfect combination of equity and the raise, the complete financial ecosystem
        • Don't know whether we still remember Facebook listed the technical failure of the day, and people on the mobile road. Anyway, no matter from which point of view, three years ago that the IPO can only use the word "disaster to describe. Investors (Facebook, LinkedIn, co-founder of Reid hoffman said, Facebook's IPO "a mess".) The whole year, Facebook could not out of the shadow of the disaster. Its lackluster stock movements, and constantly criticize it slow, failed to catch up with the mobile Internet this trend
        • According to official figures, pro spot 1 seconds, enjoyed 1 spot sold out 3 minutes 46 seconds. Regardless of how many water, there are how many cattle this powder our for the moment when it's full of real buy. But for how many of them are at the Internet value-added services, the author said doubt it